Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Web Cams

These webcams offer a view into some of the flora, fauna, and coastlines of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Hours that the cameras are online vary, so look for more details at the sites listed below.

ORCA's Eye-in-the-Sea

webcam ORCA's Eye-in-the-Sea has cameras running 24 hours a day - thanks to MBARI's cabled observatory - and is expected to yield valuable data and amazing images!

Common Murre Restoration Project: Live Murre Video on the Web

webcam On February 4, 2005 two video cameras were installed on Devil's Slide Rock. The cameras were installed to assist researchers monitoring the colony and to allow the public to view these birds.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Webcams

Aquarium Monterey Bay Aquarium's webcams bring their exibits to your house. Cams include the Outer Bay Exhibit, the Kelp Forest Exhibit, an Otter Cam, a Penguin Cam, and a view of the Monterey Bay from the aquarium.

Elephant Seals at Año Nuevo

webcam California State Parks' website offers live video and more information on the Elephant Seals and Año Nuevo, the elephant seals' largest mainland breeding ground.

California Coastal Records Project

webcam This website offers high resolution digital images of the entire California coastline (excluding the area of the Vandenburg Air Force Base). Scroll down the home page and enter criteria to locate the area of the California coast that you are interested in.

MBARI Research Vessel Web Cams

Crab See where the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute's vessels are right now and view images sent every five minutes from the Remotely Operated Vehicles diving in Monterey Bay.
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