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ImageA sea cucumber (Scotoplanes globosa) appearing to "shelter" the crab (family Lithodidae). The recorded raw location and environmental measurements at time of capture are Lat= 36.694919 Lon= -122.297988 Depth= 1282.34 m Temp= 3.145 C Sal= 34.523 PSU Oxy= 0.789 ml/l Xmiss= 87.66%. In 2004, the ship Med Taipei, lost 15 shipping containers just outside of Monterey Bay. Later that same year, MBARI discovered one of these containers resting on the seafloor at 1280 meters below the surface. From March 8-10, 2011, MBNMS and MBARI scientists revisited this shipping container to document its condition and collect sediment cores and organisms for further study.


Arthropod (unidentified)
sea cucumber (Scotoplanes globosa)

Location (General):

Monterey Bay

Date taken:

March, 09 2011

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      Latitude: 36.694416    Longitude: -122.298962

File name: CEK_030911_013.jpg