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ImageLewis' moon snail (Euspira lewisii) has an extremely large, muscular foot. Formerly in the genus Polinices. Moon snails glide on a voluminous, heavily ciliated, mucus covered body part called a foot which, when fully extended, can be about 12 inches (30.5 cm) long. In late spring and early summer, the egg case of the Lewis' moon snail can be found. It is a jelly-like matrix composed of sand and mucus as a single gelatinous ribbon forming a sand collar.


Lewis' moonsnail (Euspira lewisii)

Location (General):


Site (Specific):

Monterey Harbor

Date taken:

February, 13 2012

Photo credit:

Chad King / NOAA MBNMS

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      Latitude: 36.604057312012    Longitude: -121.89168548584

File name: 1436292409-0622.jpg