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ImageCommon Murres with brown and black oil spots on their white breasts.


Common Murre (Uria aalge)

Location (General):


Site (Specific):

Devil's Slide Rock

Date taken:

July, 06 2005

Photo credit:

Unknown / NOAA MBNMS

Photographer's comments:

Email from Lisa Eigner of the Common Murre Restoration Project dated July 6, 2005: "The photos were taken with the two video cameras installed on the rock. We have observed over 10 oiled murres in the past 3 days. One oiled murre on 4 July, then on 5 July we observed 5 more. Today we have recorded at least 5 more oiled murres on the rock. Most of the birds have a light brown oil spot on their breasts or neck and a few birds have a thicker dark spot. The photos represent what we have been seeing. We just wanted to notify you since it seems that the number of oiled birds has been increasing."

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