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Divers in central California refer to this colony as the northern stag horn bryozoan, which is usually called <em>Heteropora pacifica</em> but is more likely a species of <em>Celleporella</em> according to Dr. Jim Watanabe at Stanford\'s Hopkins Marine Station. The slight fuzziness is due to the hundreds of extended lophophores (feeding structures), each one emerging from an individual zooid.

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The SIMoN photo library contains 5073 digital images of animals, habitats, locations, and issues of the Cordell Bank, Gulf of Farallones and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Use the search options below to find images of interest. You will be able to browse thumbnails of images then download a high resolution version. For any questions, contact Dr. Steve Lonhart by email (Steve.Lonhart at

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